New WSS Technology

Wind and solar to get more energy with less environmental impact

This R&S activity has as its strategic objective to use in the world the two renewable energy sources Wind and Solar jointly, creating a single system with high technological content able to meet the domestic energy needs and Production of each territory.

Our patent and partnerships

The strategic project Wind Solar System is based on the internationalization of the new patent ITn.102018000010157 of 08/11/2018 – WSS LLC Properties.

A Wide Choice of machines!

Our Company is able to satisfy any request, starting from the small wind and solar turbine for home usage, up to those for the small and medium agricultural and industrial production.

Our successes and failures are inseparable, just like substance and energy. If they are separated, the man dies.

– Nikola Tesla –

Friendly Innovation of Environment

Legambiente 2010


Thanks to innovative technologies in the wind sector our company has achieved outstanding results, winning in 2010:

“The prize at: Friendly Innovation of Environment – Legambiente 2010”

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