New technologies for domestic and productive energy independence


Wind Solar System (WSS LLC patent) is an innovative ELIWIND * EMI-Vertical axis Wind turbine system with joint application of third-generation flexible solar panels and thin film Fresnel lens.

The PV panels are glued on the back of the ELIWIND * Aluminium blades and the composite Fresnel lens is mounted on resistant pentagonal support bound to the apex of the blades by means of a tensed system. Solar radiation is concentrated by the Fresnel lens (up to 400%) On the area below and caped by photovoltaic panels, generating electric current with density four times greater than the traditional photovoltaic.

This new business model, is directed in every global urban context, on the roofs and technical compartments of the real estate both off-Grid and on-Grid. With power from 1-3-5-10-20-100kWp etc., since the space occupied by the basic support is minimal and the weight of the plant is negligible nor does it cause stresses to the structures of any common building.

At the same time, the flexible panels, glued to the “V” extruded aluminium blades, do not occupy horizontal surfaces, as is the case for the common PV panels, nor do they have environmental impact.



The small wind turbine is a fast growing new market, characterized by high profitability and at the same time, with mitigated risks to regulatory, operational procedures: the raw material “wind”, in fact, has no cost, requires no supply, and is predictable; Following the current Italian legislation (and the international as well), small-sized wind power plants are those considered between 1kW and 200 kW. In 2015, in Italy, the installed capacity of small-wind generators has reached approximately 57 MW. Wind turbines ELIWIND made of aluminum and steel have an unlimited life. The small-wind generation sector has many strengths.

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